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Monday, April 16, 2012

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recycled tees | Eco-friendly apparel helps you go green

We've only got one Earth - help where you can.

Recycling makes sense and so do our recycled tees. And as this tee style proudly declares in fashionable Grass Green, it's full of possibilities. Our Earth-friendly tees boast a 50% R-PET content, a durable yet lightweight material primarily derived from recycled beverage containers. Yes, we are talking about the familiar water and soda bottles. After reprocessing, these become polyester fibers that help give our tees an ideal blend of comfort and wearability.

This eco-friendly t-shirt is available in seven colors and adult sizes S-2XL. And as always, there's a tearaway label to suit your business needs. Step into the world of eco fashion today.

Colorful T-shirts | Blank tees of all colors

colorful tees
Color us a classic. As one of the nation's oldest and most trusted knitwear manufacturers, we're held to a standard like no other - and that includes our colors.

Delta Apparel is proud to feature almost every color in the rainbow. From Pina Colada to lilac, hot pink to charcoal heather, Delta Apparel has all your color needs met. These colors pop - so make a statement. It's your lifestyle, fit to a Tee. Great new colorful t-shirts are available now, so check out the blank color tees now and take your next project to another spectrum.

Show your colors!